Big Boi x Theophilus London x Tre Luce

by Michael

Check out a collaboration by Big Boi and Theophilus London in the form of “She Said OK.” The song, which is produced by Chris Carmouche and features Atlanta producer/singer Tre Luce, has a really smooth, laid back feel to it that I can imagine you putting on after the sun sets, right when you are finally getting relief from another brutal summers day, and you’re in the mood for some alone time with that special someone. The chorus which sings “Let me see your pussy, let me see your titties,” confirms that assumption. This song could possibly be off Big Boi’s upcoming solo LP, Vicious Lies and Dangerous Rumors, or London’s Rose Island mixtape. Both of these projects have no set release date, therefore we have pretty much no idea where this song will end up, but, where ever that may be, make sure you listen to this song. It has a definite summer-chill mode-relaxation-fuck responsibility-get bitches feel to it that you need in your life right now. You look so tense.