Elite Gymnastics – WΛKΛ (Flocka) / (Lady) GΛGΛ

by bspener

(via Pretty Much Amazing) Waka Flocka Flame meets disco. I don’t really know what to do with WΛKΛ. It’s both very thug and very new wave. GΛGΛ is more about taking the disco out of the original track(s), which Elite Gymnastics does successfully— GΛGΛ is good ambient music but not nearly is instantly likable as WΛKΛ. I also hesitate calling these tracks remixes, since they deviate so much from the original music and don’t appear to be comprised of exclusively one track each. Download both from Pretty Much Amazing, but make sure you give WΛKΛ a good listen.


Elite Gymnastics – WΛKΛ

Elite Gymnastics – GΛGΛ