Month: March, 2012

Phantogram – “When I’m Small”

by bspener

Download this new track from New York pop/electro/rock act Phantogram. The base of this song is a simple guitar riff but the beat builds up after a bit, and the vocals are good too.

Check out Phantogram – When I’m Small on RCRDLBL.

Jai Paul

by Michael

It has been a hot minute, but Jai Paul, on his first release since the exceptional “BTSU,” does not disappoint. Stream “Jasmine,” below and cross your fingers that we don’t have to wait much longer for more new music from the elusive UK singer/songwriter.

“Hold My Breath” (Cosmic Kids Remix) by Holy Ghost!

by bspener

Here’s a fun, somewhat slow-moving electro track from DFA electropoppers Holy Ghost!, remixed with a bit of a disco sound by the Cosmic Kids. Holy Ghost! remain a staple of the DFA record label along with The Rapture, Hot Chip, YACHT and the now broken-up LCD Soundsystem. Download the track from the Cosmic Kids’ Soundcloud page or perhaps download it from here if the other link has reached its download limit.


“Mad World” and “BTSTU” by Niia

by bspener

Here are two cool covers by Niia. “Mad World is by Tears for Fears and the original “BTSTU” is by Jai Paul. She adds a nice beat to “Mad World” without killing its somewhat folky (I use that term loosely) melody. Her version of “BTSTU” is a bit cleaner than the original, letting us actually hear the lyrics. Image

Mad World



by Michael

Miguel has released two free mixtapes in the last two months; which is great for anyone who loves really great R&B. Not so good for those who don’t..but who cares about those people? R&B over almost everything. Download both below.

Miguel – Art Dealer Chic Vol. 1 

Miguel – Art Dealer Chic Vol. 2 

A-Trak x Juicy J x Danny Brown

by Michael

In the world of the internet, awesome collaborations are becoming more and more frequent. If you haven’t been following Earl Sweatshirt‘s twitter since he’s been back you’ve been missing out on potential collaborations that would make even the casual rap fan take notice, from him hitting up Hudson Mohawke to being in the studio with Chuck Inglish, to apparently doing a song with Santigold, dude has been busy trying to find his new sound with mad amounts of agression. But he isnt the only one. Music, these days, has been seeing crossovers from different genres, collectives, sounds, and there seem to be no fine lines anymore. Today, via theFader, another strange but awesome collaboration has been made. A-Trak, Fool’s Gold founder, and Danny Brown, Fools Gold artist, have teamed up with Juicy J to produce a pretty solid track over a really funky beat. I know A-Trak has done songs with rappers before, as he teamed with CyHi the Prince in 2010 for “Ray Ban Vision,” but seeing Danny Brown on an A-Trak produced track is still really really cool, and listening to Juicy J spit some bars as well is a collaboration that I wasn’t even aware I wanted. Stream the track below, and decide how you feel about these kinds of collaborations for yourself, and remember no artist is safe anymore! Your favorite rapper could be in the studio with your favorite band right this second!

A-Trak featuring Juicy J and Danny Brown – Piss Test 


Danny Brown

by Michael

In addition to being able to switch up his flow from normal human being into crazy tortured soul/depressed man voice, Danny Brown can also put out some pretty raw, straight forward rap that is really really good. In “Grown Up,” a Party Supplies produced track, Danny keeps it very straight forward, rapping about triumph and rising to top in a very inspiring manner, over a nice, laid-back beat that makes you feel all reminiscent and shit. It seems effortless and cool, and all the right ways you should feel about a rap, but its made even cooler when you couple it with the fact that homeboy can take his flow to crazy land at any second. Check it out below

Danny Brown – Grown Up

“Fuck Up the Fun” by Azealia Banks

by bspener

This track is maybe not quite as hot as “212.” But you should  still download it now. Download it here.


Beach House

by Michael

Check out the latest from Baltimore dream-pop duo, Beach House, in their most recent single “Myth.” Song is off their upcoming album Bloom, scheduled to come out May 15th on Sub Pop. Very pretty. Very spring.

Beach House – Myth [audio]

First Aid Kit

by Michael

First Aid Kit are a Swedish duo of sisters who are apparently darlings of the indie/folk scene. I know nothing of them, and honestly do not care that much. What I do know is Brooklyn based producer Baauer knows how to make a really good remix. Check out his rework of First Aid Kit’s “Winter is All Over You,” the chopped up vocals combined with the heavy bass and minimal guitar gives the song a slowed up, codiene enduced feel that is way too right. Check it out below.

First Aid Kit – Winter is All Over You (Baauer Remix) 

“Neptune” by Lemonade

by bspener

(via Stereogum) Check out this new track from Lemonade, a band with a sound that’s somewhat hard to describe—somewhere between James Blake and New Order perhaps. Anyway, “Neptune” (download here) is a great song, as is their cover of “This Is the Place You Belong” (download here).



by Michael

Check out the very cool visuals for Usher’s new Diplo produced track “Climax.” Usher you got us all kinds of excited for your new album with the direction your heading currently. Keep it up!



by Michael

Check out a free instrumental from Detroit producer Skywlkr. Skywlkr is behind the grimy, next level production that has caused Danny Brown to blow up so big, and his beats stand up extremely well on his own. His beats are extremely grimy and atmospheric, the type of stuff Clams Casino does but, in my opinion, way more hip hop. See what I’m talking about below.

Skywlkr – White Girls

Danny Brown – Die Like a Rockstar (prod. by Skywlkr)

Danny Brown – 30 (prod. by Skywlkr)

“Please Forgive My Heart” by Bobby Womack

by bspener

(via Stereogum) Check out this startlingly progressive (think James Blake or maybe SBTRKT) track from old soul singer Bobby Womack. It’s quite good and he apparently has an album coming out soon. This track isn’t surprising, given his more recent work with the Gorrilaz and such. Download by clicking the Stereogum link above or the image below.

Clams Casino

by Michael

Clammy Clams released the instrumental for his remix of XV’s “Swervin,” the other day. Even though this was designed to be rapped over, unlike some of his other stuff, we still fux with it. Download/stream below.

XV – Swervin Instrumental (Clams Casino Remix)

Me Gusta

by Michael

Sean Paul Richards and Dominic Lopez are Bay Area hip hop/electronic production duo Me Gusta. They produce a combination of soulful hip hop beats to some pretty ambient, more laidback beats that resemble the likes of Clams Casino and Silky Johnson. Their most recent tape came out in April of 2011, so we’re a little late on them, but better late than never. Check out their free EP “Metanoia” below, its good from start to finish; a solid representation of the kind of work the duo is known for. And if you’re really feeling what they’re putting out, you can download their entire discography that features music from their earlier days of MySpace.

Download: Me Gusta discography