Month: February, 2012

“Gone” (Dolor Remix) by the Weeknd

by bspener

Check out this remix from Dolor—it may have reached its download limit on Soundcloud by now but it’s definitely worth a listen.

Hodgy Beats

by Michael

Check out Hodgy Beat’s latest, free mixtape. Features production from the Alchemist, Juicy J, Flying Lotus, and Thelonious Martin.

Download – Hodgy Beats – Untitled 

Blood Diamonds

by bspener

Download just about everything off Blood Diamond’s SoundCloud before it stops being free. The Vancouver artist constructs cool beats backed by ambient vocals, some of which are coherent, i.e. this is not instrumental music. He has quite a bit of material up right now. The tracks “Dreams” and “Heart” are especially good.

Before Dark x Brenmar

by Michael

Valentines day was a copule of days ago, but in preparation for next year, listen to this remix of Before Dark’s “Baby” by Brenmar. It is pure sex.

Treasure Trove of Phoenix Remixes

by bspener

If you’re a Phoenix fan, which is quite likely since everyone likes Phoenix, check out this collection of remixes at Earmilk. There’s something for everyone in there. If you find the number of tracks overwhelming, download the McArove remix of “Girlfriend” and Build remix of “1901” and maybe the YACHT remix of “Armistice”–or just download all of them. Click the image below or the link above to get to the Earmilk page.

“Slow Hands” (Interpol cover) by Miss Banks

by bspener

Check this recent track from Azealia Banks, operating under the name Miss Banks. She covers an old indie rock hit by Interpol from their 2004 album Antics. Azealia doesn’t rap on “Slow Hands” like on “212”, but she has a good voice and gives a more or less faithful performance of this Interpol song.

Check out and download the track here at The Fader.

The Cool Kids

by Michael

Check out the colorful new visuals for the Cool Kid’s “Rush Hour Traffic.” The single is off of their latest album, When Fish Ride Bicycles.


Kendrick Lamar

by Michael

Kendrick Lamar is amazing. Too amazing. This is nuts. “Cartoon & Cereal” has a crazy beat and even crazier flow from Lamar. The combination cannot be messed with. All up and coming rappers should take note: this is your competition. Download/stream the THC produced track below.

Kendrick Lamar featuring Gunplay – Cartoon & Cereal (Produced by THC) 

Balloons of Haus

by bspener

Check out this new album of Weeknd remixes by Chi Duly just posted on The Weeknd’s Tumblr page. As the title suggests, the tracks have more of a house feel. The remixes of “D.D.” and “The Morning” are especially dope.

Click here to download

The Weeknd x Drake x Shlohmo

by Michael

The Weeknd requested it, and so here it is, the official “Crew Love” remix by LA producer Shlohmo. Click the artwork above to download


by Michael

Check out the visuals for M.I.A’s latest single, “Bad Girls.” The video, which is directed by Romain Gavras, makes me think happy happy fun thoughts about the Middle East! Yay for that and and yay for stunt drivers.


Evian Christ

by Michael

If you keep up with the blogsphere pretty regularly, then you probably heard of the YouTube-wonder-kid Evian Christ, who, up until a couple days ago, remained completely unknown to the community of mp3 hungry bloggers. Today, thanks to the Fader, we’re finding out a little bit more about the mysterious man behind these amazing beats. As it turns out, his name is Joshua Leary, and he is a 22 year old who lives in the UK. His YouTube beats were so great that he ended up getting signed to Tri Angle (who continues to associate with dark, atmospheric beat makers) and has rereleased all of the beats from YouTube that gained him his fame in a completely remastered tape titled Kings and Them. Download the tape in all of its glory below, and really take a second to pause and reflect on the fact that this guy was on YouTube with little to no information about himself, became a blog phenomena, and now has been signed to a record label. Da world we live in is crazee.

Download: Evian Christ – Kings and Them