Chuck Inglish

by Michael

The Cool Kids have always held a nice warm spot in my heart. I feel like I was there from the very beginning of their now huge rap career, back when The Bake Sale first got a lot of love on the internet, back when they were keeping it very raw and very real with extremely dope raps that made me jealous that I didn’t enjoy riding bikes nearly as much as them. Things have changed though and when their first official album dropped, which was supposed to be the best thing our ears have ever heard, they had lost something. I’m not sure whether it was them becoming way more commercial and mainstream or something else, but the dudes on When Fish Ride Bicycles did not seem like the same ones from The Bake Sale. I guess I have to accept the fact that people grow up, right? Things change, and rappers loose all of their fun and bicycle swagger. Luckily for us, their beats only get better, and to start the new year off right, Chuck Inglish, the dude behind most of what made the Cool Kids so fun in the first place, has released a mixtape of his own instrumentals. The tape features all original work, is free, and is very very good. It is a must have for any aspiring rappers, or for anyone who really likes solid, well produced beats. For fans of the old Cool Kids, this tape will remain untarnished and wonderful, not ruined by anything the duo might rap over it and make you wince. Download the tape below. 

Download: Chuck Inglish – Working