Month: January, 2012

Ed Sheraan and Yelawolf

by wrossmar

I don’t know how it happened, but Yelawolf succeeded in making a track that was listenable. Big ups to that little ginger (Ed) who helped make it happen. A collaborative EP is set to come out soon, here is a taste.



Zebra Katz

by Michael

In honor of National Reading Day (which was yesterday), Brooklyn’s Zebra Katz put out a new video for his kinda old but new to us, track, “Ima Read” featuring Njena Reddd Foxxx. Class is in session in his new video, and apparently you’re a bitch! Peep the creepy/cool/interesting video below, and download it if you desire below that.

Zebra Katz – Ima Read (feat. Njena Reddd Foxxx)

Rockie Fresh- Driving 88

by Michael

New Video from Driving 88- “How we do (feat King Louie)

Older video (and cooler)


by Michael

Santigold is back. And in anticipation for her sophomore LP Master of My Make Believe, she has released a sick video for the record’s first single, “Big Mouth.” The track was produced by Switch of Major Lazer and Buraka Som Sistema so you know its going to bang. Download it for free at her website, and watch the Cody Critcheloe directed video below.


Lana Del Rey x Clams Casino

by Michael

I know, I know, I know, there are a million Lana Del Rey (who was Lana Del Awkward on SNL) remixes, but this is done by Clams Casino. I mean, come on! Clams Casino. Remix. Lana Del Rey. Do I really need to say anymore? Stream/buy the remix of “Born to Die” below.

Trancegender by Pictureplane

by bspener

Yes, Pictureplane can be a bit abrasive and borders on being just another loud electro act. However, this song is a bit more nuanced and definitely worth a listen. You can’t download “Trancegender” for free, but their Soundcloud page ( has a lot of remixes that are available for download


A$AP Rocky

by Michael

Now that A$AP Rocky has money, released a massively successful mixtape, and become an internet senstation, he feels that it is indeed time to celebrate. Have fun with A$AP in his most recent track, “Celebration.” Download/stream it below, and be on the look out for A$AP and his crew’s mixtape to drop sometime next month.

A$AP Rocky – Celebration 

Azealia banks

by Michael

Azealia Banks dropped a new track this morning, ” “NEEDSUMLUV” produced by North Carolina native, and well known electronic musician, Machinedrum. Miss Banks described the track via twitter as “R&B but hella progressive.” Call it whatever you want, but around here we’re just going to keep referring to it as dope. Download/stream it below.

Azealia Banks – NEEDSUMLUV (prod. by Machinedrum) 


by Michael

Just became hip to this brooklyn artist. Pretty bold move coming on The Fugees beat, but we think he kilt it. He keeeilt it. Y’all feel? Anyway he’s young, new, and talented, and that’s what blogs are supposed to post right?

Listen Here:

Listen and Download here:


by Michael

Italian. Gold.

Shabazz Palaces- Black Up Video

by Michael

The video came out in November of 2011, and it is brilliant. I’m not going to bother telling y’all how you should be hip to Shabazz, because whether you are or not, this video will hypnotize you, and you won’t be able to resist re-watching and listening.

The video juxtaposes the literal and metaphorical jungle. Shots where a warehouse is overrun with flora establishes the juxtaposition in a brilliant medium, with a beautiful dark-skinned female walking through the forest. Poverty is everywhere, and its captured beautifully in this video.

Milli Mars

by Michael

Things in the South move slow right? The South has been considered notoriously “late” on everything, especially when it comes to music for forever. I guess no one told San Antonio native, Milli Mars, because his most recent music has been anything but late.

He is extremely next level, and his latest video for his song “The Alarm,” has got a lot of people talking.

The acknowldgement has been in large parto the video being directed by Abteen Bagheri, the dude behind A$AP’s “Peso,” but also has been due to the man being a coldblooded gangster ass rapper. Download his most recent mixtape, YMID, below.



by Michael

Snowmine is a 5 member band from Brooklyn. Their sound has been compared to Fleet Foxes, My Morning Jacket, and other important and relevant indie rock bands that I’m sure they’re very excited to be compared to, except, Snowmine remains relatively unknown. With only a few hundred followers on twitter, you could be one of the few to be enjoying Snowmine’s beautiful, harmonizing vocals and crazy banging of a bunch of different drums. They’re that indie band that no one has heard of just yet, but will be guaranteed to blow up once someone important hears them.

Recently, I have been really enjoying their pay-what-you-want album, Laminate Pet Animal.  The album, which you can download off their bandcamp here, is great from start to finish, and flew way under the radar in 2011. I would highly recommend downloading it off their bandcamp, and maybe even throwing an up and coming band a few dollars. Listen to one of the standout tracks from the album “Beast in Air, Beast in Water,” below which I would not be surprised to hear on a commercial tomorrow. These guys definitely have that “it” factor that makes for great indie rock.

Snowmine – Beast in Air, Beast in Water 



by Michael

Kid Sister has been hot since 2008 when she dropped Pro Nails with Kanye West on pseudo-indie label Fool’s Gold. Flosstrradamus, a Chi town duo has been doing their thing for a minute also, they collaborated early this year on a track called Luuk Out Gurl. In case you forgot about Kid Sister (and we know you did) or you never heard of Flosstradamus (you probably have) this song goes heavy. We’re pretty sure it’s a hit, but you might have to give it a second listen.

Luuk Out Gurl 


It’s  a guilty pleasure, we won’t tell if you don’t:

Riff Raff & Kid Sister – Kris Kringle



by Michael


The artwork, I know, It’s terrible; and it’s hard to compete with these image soldiers like OFWGKTA, or A$AP who’s music is only as cool as the image that comes with it. But Gangrene’s EP Greneberg is fire and doesn’t fall short just because The Alchemist doesn’t rep Supreme or ride bikes through rough neighborhoods (or at least theres no video proof) The EP dropped in July of 2011 so it still has time. The group, especially The Alchemist and Oh No are producers that already have serious clout.  Maybe they don’t care if it’s not mainstream, most of the best seem to not.

In their words “this is real shit, gully”


Marz Lovejoy

by Michael

No way were stopping the female MC hype at Iggy Azalea, Y’all!

Let’s introduce Marz Lovejoy, a Minneapolis native who moved out to L.A  “for high school.”  By the beginning of 2011 she had performed on the same stages as RZA, Wu-Tang, and opened for Erykah Badu at SXSW. A year later, she has yet to get real shine, but I have faith. She is a sexy-light-skin-tatted-up chick who’s style is off the wall. Marz has got that it factor people talk about, but y’all know I can’t describe. Maybe she doesn’t have some OFWGKTA crew members in her videos like Kreyshawn, but as far as I’m concerned, she’s got L.A on her back.


Peep the style. Short Interview.



Iggy Azalea

by Michael

A white female MC who’s finally doing it right, Iggy Azalea. An Australian rapper and creative genius who is looking to have a big year in 2012 with the release of The New Album. Although she is currently unsigned she is managed by interscope records, and has released two brilliant videos: Pu$$y, and My World. 

With two singles she effortlessly accomplishes everything viral artist Kreyshawn, and mainstream artist Nicki Minaj have, but without leaving that sour taste in your mouth; while simultaneously embodying a Lady Gaga aesthetic that is sexier and more understated. She is bombshell. She is a threat.




My World 

Lana Del Rey

by Michael

There have been a million and half remixes of Lana Del Rey since she first gained fame. For the first time in a while, I’ve heard one that isn’t of “Blue Jeans” or “Video Games” when UK producer, Lil Silva, decided to take the title track of Rey’s new album “Born To Die,” and turn it into a dark, atmospheric, dance party. Listen below.

A$AP Rocky

by Michael

Listen to the most recent A$AP Rocky track, “Pretty Flacko.” Produced by Spaceghostpurrp, and not supposed to be off anything specific, just a give away from A$AP and co. Enjoy.

A$AP Rocky – Pretty Flacko (produced by Spaceghostpurrp)

Chuck Inglish

by Michael

The Cool Kids have always held a nice warm spot in my heart. I feel like I was there from the very beginning of their now huge rap career, back when The Bake Sale first got a lot of love on the internet, back when they were keeping it very raw and very real with extremely dope raps that made me jealous that I didn’t enjoy riding bikes nearly as much as them. Things have changed though and when their first official album dropped, which was supposed to be the best thing our ears have ever heard, they had lost something. I’m not sure whether it was them becoming way more commercial and mainstream or something else, but the dudes on When Fish Ride Bicycles did not seem like the same ones from The Bake Sale. I guess I have to accept the fact that people grow up, right? Things change, and rappers loose all of their fun and bicycle swagger. Luckily for us, their beats only get better, and to start the new year off right, Chuck Inglish, the dude behind most of what made the Cool Kids so fun in the first place, has released a mixtape of his own instrumentals. The tape features all original work, is free, and is very very good. It is a must have for any aspiring rappers, or for anyone who really likes solid, well produced beats. For fans of the old Cool Kids, this tape will remain untarnished and wonderful, not ruined by anything the duo might rap over it and make you wince. Download the tape below. 

Download: Chuck Inglish – Working