Month: December, 2011

Dj Khaled

by Michael

Dj Khaled’s single “I’m On One,” featuring Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil’ Wayne was a huge success in 2011. This wildly popular song has been the title for Facebook albums, and a definite tweet to make when going out. The chorus which inspires youth to not give fucks, and to use that immaturity as their excuse to continue to be “on one” has been the catchphrase of young people who party too hard for the entire year. In addition to making it okay for us young people to do it big every evening, it also has inspired a lot of artists to remix it. I have heard a lot of different takes at the summer jam, but I think perhaps the most exciting one, especially with the ultimate day of being “On One” coming up (New Years), has been done by Scottish producer Unicorn Kid. The remix takes the song and turns it into a rave ready party anthem that would suit any epic situation that you may find yourself in within the coming days perfectly. Listen to the remix below, and get inspired to be “On One” this holiday season!

Dj Khaled – I’m On One (Unicorn Kid STADIUM mix) 


Danny Brown

by Michael

Danny Brown is a really unique rapper in every sense of the word. He has a strange voice, strange delivery, strange lyrics, and although he raps mostly about normal things, such as weed and sex, his delivery and production make him unlike any rapper I have heard in 2011. His latest mixtape, XXX, which is pretty much the length of an album, gives you an accurate snapshot of what this guy is all about. Download it below, before 2011 is over and you’re considered “late” on this dude Danny B, because I don’t see him going anywhere next year either.

Download: Danny Brown – XXX

Azealia Banks

by Michael

Harlem rapper Azelia Banks, who is really starting to blow up now, just released another track. The single, titled “Liquorice,” features the young chica rapping over production from Dutch producer Lazy Jay. The beat uses Lone‘s “Pineapple Crush” as its framework for Banks to go in on. Download/stream the track below and watch for big things from Miss Banks in 2012, she has already gotten the attention of a large amount of people.

Azealia Banks – Liquorice 

Lana Del Rey

by Michael

Watch the video for Lana Del Rey’s latest single,”Born to Die.” The video features a creepy tatto guy that Lana is in love with but then realizes they’re “born to die,” and then the tattoo guy goes ahead and kills her. It is really messed up that he killed her, in my opinion, and just confirms the fact that Lana and I are meant to be together (I have no tattoos). The single is out January 23, along with her new album that has the same name as the song, but comes out January 31.



by Michael

Listen to Los Angeles rapper Zeroh. Dudes got the kind of voice that makes you want to listen, and wacky production that changes at a whim, and to me, makes you want to listen to even more. If you aren’t hearing this in your headphones right now, you are missing out. He is kind of hard to find music from, but TheFader features one of his mixtapes, Awfulalterations. The tape is 12 songs long, and all of them are kind of short, but it gives you an adequate idea of what this guy is all about. You can download the tape below, and inaddition to that, the track “g r n b a n a n a s,” which is below, is highly recommended listening to as well.

Zeroh – g r n b a n a n a s”

Download: Zeroh – Awfulalterations 

The Weeknd

by Michael

Finals are in full swing, and taking up a huge amount of time, but for the mean time, enjoy these newly leaked tracks by the Weeknd  when he used to be produced by The Noise. Enjoy them below.

The Weeknd – Cure 

The Weeknd – Superhero 


by Michael

The dudes behind Main Attrakionz hit “Perfect Skies,” known as Friendzone, have recently put together quite a compilation of some of the newest, freshest producers in the game. The compilation, which also features some of their new stuff, also features other well known producers who are pushing the we’re-going-to-produce-atmospheric-depressing-triumphant beats envelope. The tape has songs from Silky Johnson, and Japanese producers, and jerkin artists, and just a bunch of stuff that is worth checking out if you have ever enjoyed any music from Main Attrakionz. I know I sure have!! Stream/download the whole tape below.

Download: Friendzone’s Kuchibiru Network 2 Mixtape

The Internet

by Michael

After The Internet‘s Syd the Kid remixed Little Dragon earlier this year, the group returned the favor and remixed The Internet’s latest single, “Cocaine.” The single is off of The Internet’s forthcoming LP Purple Naked Ladies which is scheduled to drop December 20th, so be on the look out for that. Download/stream the track below.

The Internet – Cocaine (Little Dragon Remix)