Month: July, 2011


by Michael

Nike7UP takes well known pop music, chops it up, slows it down, and blends it with other popular music to create an entirely new, different, crazy,  and melancholy song. To complete the entire transformation, he accompanies his songs with trippy YouTube videos that allow your eyes the ability to view this new twisted world of pop music. Enjoy the video below/download the track, and get ready to view Justin Bieber in a whole new (maybe even more enjoyable) way!


Source: TheFader

Frank Ocean

by Michael

Earlier this week, Frank Ocean, Odd Future’s R&B side, posted a song on his Tumblr titled “Thinking About You”. The track is  Nostalgia, Ultra caliber, and since he hasn’t dropped any new music of that caliber since the infamous LP that now has him working with the likes of Jay-Z  and Kanye West on Watch the Throne, this is going to have to be enough to wet our appetite till he drops a new full piece of work. Download it below, and enjoy a bonus track, titeled “Anywhere,” that was released sometime after Nostalgia, Ultra was put out and is pretty good as well.

Thinking About You – Frank Ocean

Anywhere – Frank Ocean

Clams Casino

by Michael

The rap game is changing. With homeboys and homegirls  like Lil B, Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All, Soulja Boy, and Kreayshawn; weird is becoming the norm for the hip hop scene. But weird is so different right? People can’t just change the way hip-hop has been done for years right? Who will even make the beats for this new era? There aren’t any producers who can produce weird types of music like this right? Lil B is soo weird who could produce his beats? WELL ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to the  latest and greatest producer of weird, Clams Casino. Following his mixtape, titeled Instrumental Mixtape, dropped in May, the blog worlds eye was focused in on the New Jersey producer’s homemade beats. When listened to without Lil B’s free form flow over it, and with the proper headphones, these beats knock in a big way. Check out clammy clams big bangin beats by clicking the album artwork blow, preview some trax off each individual mixtape below that,and buy his Rainforest Ep (off Tri Angle Recs) if you want to hear mas.

I’m God – Clams Casino (samples Imogen Heap’s “Just For Now”)

I Love My Hater’s Instrumental (Soulja Boy) – Clams Casino

Gorilla – Clams Casino


by Michael

Holy Other is an electronic producer from Manchester who specializes in using space, overlapping vocals, and an ominous bass line to create an entirely eery electronic experience. Holy Other got dat creepy vocals and eery synth swag going, and its in full effect on “Touch,” which is the first single off his latest Ep With U (which you can purchase by clicking the picture of a bed sheet above, which is not a bed sheet but in fact the album artwork). Next, in honor of the release of the Ep, Tri Angle Records put out 4 remixes of “Touch” done by different artists. Featured below, you will find the Blod Diamonds remix which was my favorite of the bunch and has been on constant play throughout my summer. It takes the creepiness of Touch, adds some steel drums and a little sunshine and turns it into a much happier version of what the song once was. Both songs are good, and definitely worth checking out. You can download them below, and be sure to cop With U if these beats stay WITH U. Do u dig?

Holy Other – Touch

Holy Other – Touch (Blood Diamonds Remix)

The Dark Knight Rises this Weeknd?!

by bspener

Does this blog post by Toronto-based R&B artist hint at some connection to the third installment of Chris Nolan’s Batman films? The Weeknd’s tracks are dark in their own way, but might be ill-suited for a superhero movie– unless Bruce Wayne hits rock bottom at a nightclub, of course. Nevertheless, new mixtapes from The Weeknd and the Dark Knight Rises are both things to look forward to in the coming year.

Here’s the link to the preview on the Weeknd’s site:

Painted Eyes by Hercules & Love Affair

by bspener

Hercules & Love Affair make what laymen might call ‘house’ music; what subculture they actually belong to is a mystery. Their music is catchy and certainly dance-friendly. This new track, called “Painted Yes,” comes in at about 3.5 min (in this radio edit form), much shorter than their hit a few years back, “Blind.” “Painted Eyes” is the kind of song that you could play while studying or at a party, which means you may end up listening to it a lot.

ASAP Rocky

by Michael

Harlem rapper ASAP Rocky pays his respects to H-Town, Paul Wall, and the Southern anthem Still Tippin in his song Purple Swag. The video, featuring a blonde girl with GOLD FRONTS, combined with the music makes me feel like I’m back in H-Town sippin lean with the best of ’em despite the fact that that has never happened. Watch this visually powerful video below, as well as download the track if you feel inclined under that, and download his mixtape, Deep Purple, here, if you can’t get enough of the swag.

Purple Swag

Hudson Mohawke

by Michael

Hudson Mohawke is an electronic music producer from Glasgow, Scotland. He attributes his sound from his long time interest in turntablism. Whatever the case may be, this shit is poppin. He has an album coming out August 1st called Satin Panthers on Warp Records and HudMo allowed us the privilege of previewing/downloading one of the tracks off it called Thunder Bay. Dis beat is as dope as can be, and do yourself when listening to it and put on your best headphones cause it bumps. Check it out below and also enjoy the streaming version of HudMo’s remix of Jamie Woon’s Lady Luck which also bangs.

Hudson Mohawke – Thunder Bay by hudsonmohawke

Jamie WoonLady Luck (Hudson Mohawke’s Schmink Wolf Re-fix)

Source: LiveFortheFunk

The Very Best

by Michael

The Very Best are a collaboration between European production team Radioclit and Malawian-born, London-based singer Esau Mwamwaya. They have three total mixtapes out, but today I will only post the most recent two. Warm Heart of Africa, there most critically acclaimed piece of work, came out in 2009 and was met with immediate love. There next work, Super Mom, dropped on Mother’s day of this year, and wasn’t met with as much love. Each mixtape uses previous instrumentals, such as Cee Lo Green’s What Part of Forever, and adds Mwamwaya’s own Malawian touch, with a little tweaking from the Radioclit team. This combination makes for great music that has an infectious, enthusiastic sound that you can’t help but bob your head to. Both mixtapes are made available below by clicking the album artwork, and you can preview some of the tracks off both mixtapes below as well. The Very Best is great music which I feel like most people would find extremely enjoyable.

 The Very Best & Cee Lo Green – What Part of Forever

The Very Best – Julia (so good!!)

The Very Best & LCD Soundsystem – I Can Change

Dj Stank Daddy

by Michael

While on European tour, Tyler, the Creator, Odd Future’s highly controversial leader, put together an hours worth of summer time jams. Featuring a selection of tracks ranging from his beloved Neptunes to Toro y Moi to Tupac, the mix accurately portrays just how many musical influences Tyler draws from. As an added bonus, he previews analog Pt. 2 (Analog Pt. 1 is one of my summer time jams!!) and brings back one of the better songs off of Domo Genesis’s first effort Rolling Papers called Drunk. Click the artwork above and get ready to embrace your inner summer Goblin (get it? cause tyler’s album was called goblin?)