Month: June, 2011

Octobers Very Own

by Michael

Drizzy back with an OFFICIAL video for Marvin’s room. Check out the visuals below and make sure you wait till the very end when drake pops some sort of pill and watch as shiitt slowwwss downnnnn


by Michael

Salem, an electronic group from Michigan, takes Britney Spears popular Till the World Ends track and slows shit down into a much better version of the song. Download it below, and check out the creepy video that goes along with it. This is perfect music for drinking cough syrup?!

SALEM – Till the World Ends (Britney Spears cover)

The Dream

by Michael

The Dream has a new album coming out June 29th called The Love IV (Diary of a Mad Man). As usual, the love king is making ridiculous beats and causing you to bob your head to the same concept of “sex with women” for an entire album. He put out the first two singles, Fuck My Brains Out and Body Work, on his website which you can download below, and be sure to cop dat album when it comes out.

Body Work + Fuck My Brains Out


by Michael

The chicago rap duo of Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish, aka the Cool Kids, are finally putting out an album! Scheduled to drop July 12th, the second single was premiered today. You can check out the video below, and download the song on iTunes if you’re feeling it. Love me some new Cool Kids.


by Michael

Drake Drizzy Rogers, or Drizzy Drake Rogers, whatever you want to call him has been putting out a lot of high caliber free music lately. When summer first started, I’m On One dropped and became an instant smash hit followed by him jumping on SBKRT’s Wildfire for a remix, which I posted earlier. Next, we had Dreams Money Can Buy, Marvins Room, and today, June 21st, another track Trust Issues drops. Which are all apparently to be off his new album Take Care which is scheduled to drop sometime in September. With recent rumors of Drake in the studio with the likes of Florence the Machine and Jamie Smith (the xx’s producer and the same dude who did a stellar remix of Rolling in the Deep a while ago), and with his recent announcement via Twitter that he is working with the toronto r&b group the Weeknd, I’m getting pretty excited for this album. I’m hoping its a return to the So Far Gone form of old that propelled Drake to the top a couple of years ago and NOT the Thank Me Later Drake that put out a pretty crappy album. Anyways, you can download the tracks below and be on the lookout for more Drake posts if he keeps up the good work.

Dreams Money Can Buy

Marvins Room

Im On One

Trust Issues

Bonus Track: Dreams Money Can Buy showcases Drake rapping over a sick song by Jai Paul called BTSTU. Its so sick, and probably deserves its own post, but anyways you can download it right here. It’s so good and has such a different feel when Drake’s not rapping over it. Definitely a must download!

Frank Ocean

by Michael

Frank Ocean’s video for Novacane off of Nostalgia, Ultra which you can download here.

Soulja Boy

by Michael

Soulja Boy’s 1up mixtape dropped in March of this year. I downloaded it and gave the young syrup sippin Soulja a chance and was definetly impressed. It’s really weird, and with people like Odd Future and Lil B on constant play this summer, I think it is a must listen. Click the artwork below to download the mixtape, and enjoy this chopped and screwed joint that I’ve been vibin on lately below that. Swag:

Soulja Boy – 1up (Chopped and Screwed)


by Michael

Thundercat consists of the man Stephen Bruner. This bass-playing one man act is a Los Angeles native that has done session work from people like Snoop Dogg to Eric Benet. He has an album coming out August 30th called The Golden Age of Apocalypse that was produced entirely by LA’s multi-genre music producer Flying Lotus and it looks to be really cool.  I’m not exactly sure how to describe this kind of music, but it has a real jazzy feel, some cool synths, bass, pianos, and dreamy vocals that make you feel like everything is going to be okay in the world again. Two tracks have leaked so far that you can check out below, and be sure to cop The Golden Age of Apocalypse when it drops.

For Love I Come (George Duke Cover)


Source: Pitchfork

Consequence and Jim Jones

by Michael

Today I will do a post on two rappers that I honestly really never give any attention to, and probably have like 2 songs of in my iTunes. I’m not trying to be a music snob, I just dont listen to Jim Jones or Consequence very much. Recently though, these two have been burning up my iTunes with two very cool tracks. One is called Believe in Magic by Jim Jones. This track is produced by Girl Talk, thats right, the Girl Talk who wants there to be no question in anyone’s mind that he is NOT a DJ. Gregg Gilliss, in addition to spelling his name with two G’s, I guess also produces music? Who woulda known? But I like it, and I’ve been listening to this track a lot lately. To me, the production is great, and although I don’t really listen to Jim Jones much, I think he does a really good job over the Gilliss produced beat. The next track is Everybody Told Me by Consequence. It’s off his upcoming Movie’s On Demand 3 mixtape and although he is no long apart of the G.O.O.D music label, Kanye Wests assists him on this song by making a killer sample heavy beat. I’m not sure if I like this song so much for Consequence’s rap or Kanye’s beat, either way I have been playing it heavily lately. You can check both out below, and be sure to download Movie’s On Demand when it drops.

Believe in Magic – Jim Jones

Everybody Told Me – Consequence

Bonus track: Whatever U Want off of Con’s “Con’s TV” album. Again Kanye production, again I don’t know if I like this because of Con’s rap or Ye’s beats. You be the judge!

Source: Pitchfork 

Imma let you finishh….

by Michael

Beyonce has an album dropping June 28th called “4.” From the track listing, it seemed as if we had another classic from Jay-z’s boo, but after the disappointing Women Who Run the World leaked, my hopes became pretty low. Today, the Fader leaked the song I had the greatest hopes for in the form of the song, Party. Its got all the components for a classic song: Kanye West production, 3 Stack’s brilliant flow, and Beyonce’s beautiful voice. Having listened to it many times, I think I have deemed this THE summer jam for 2011, or at least one of them, or at least to me. You decide if you feel the same, okay? And download it below! And as an added bonus, the track features Ye boasting the word “Swagoo”! If that doesn’t entice you enough, then I don’t know what will! Anyways, you be the judge and download it below!


Tyler, The Creator

by Michael

Music video for SHE off of Tyler, the Creator’s second album Goblin. Check it out below! Its cool!


by Michael

GLC is a Chicago rapper signed to Kanye West’s G.O.O.D music label. He’s put out some of my favorite rap songs of all time in the forms of I Aint Even On Yet, and Chi-Sate of Mind and just put out a new video for his song Got Me Gone. Watching this new video got me groovin with GLC again and so I decided to post some of my favorite tracks. So without further ado, GLC yall:

I Aint Even On Yet

Got Me Gone

Chi-State of Mind

It is June Yalllll

by Michael

Today is June 1st. I’m almost out of summer school, Shaq retired today, and I’ve been vibin to this 03′ Diplomats instrumental all day long. Enjoy: