Month: May, 2011

Chiddy Bang

by Michael

New Chiddy Bang mixtape just dropped in time for memorial day weekend. Download it here.

Source: IllRoots

Al Ripken Jr.

by Michael

Baltimore producer Al Ripken Jr. has been going pretty hard as of late. One of the sickest beats I’ve heard by the man is Everything I Got Now and this is definitely a must listen. This beat is so dope and if you’re into the whole fucked up vocals thing it is right down your alley. Soo good. Download it below. Also check out his free EP out on Top Billin called Captain Cougar which you can download here.

Everything I Got Now

Source: LiveForTheFunk

The Weeknd

by Michael

The Weeknd is a Toronto-based r&b singer named Abel Tesfaye. He dropped, in most people’s opinion, the album of the year already in the form of House of Balloons, and apparently is about to drop 2 or 3 mixtapes throughout the rest of this year. People love the Weeknd, and I’ve heard him described as if “the Dream and Drake were to have a love child.” I love his beats, and I personally cant wait for his next album, Thursday, to drop as well. As of late a bunch of leaked unreleased tracks have come out that people are using to fill their r&b fix until Thursday drops. Check out the unreleased EP below, and be sure to download Thursday when it drops, which according to his twitter is to be “sooner than we expect.”

The Noise EP is an EP from Tesfaye’s earlier work, back when he was part of a songwriting/production team called The Noise. It’s earlier, and kind of more mainstream and commercial but I think it still bangs and gives us a larger scope with which to compare Tesfaye’s work.


by Michael

Diplo!! Nicki Minaj!! Sleigh Bells!! Swedish House Mafia!!?

One Kid Featuring Nicki Minaj, Sleigh Bells, and Swedish House Mafia

Shabazz Palaces

by Michael

Shabazz Palaces is an avant-rap crew straight outta Seattle. They’ve got a pretty unique style, and some bumpin beats that don’t incorporate just your average drum machine and some crappy synths. They have an album coming out June 8th called Black Up, that I’m pretty psyched about and so far I’ve heard three tracks off their upcoming album and they’re all really cool and all have really long names. If you’re looking for some rap that breaks away from the everyday, Shabazz Palaces is your go to crew. Anyways, deez beats is dope, and you can check them out below some of this pretty sweet artwork that is from a show they did in Manhattan.

an echo from the hosts that profess infinitum

Swerve… The reeping of all that is worthwhile (Noir not withstanding)

Source: GorillaVsBear


by Michael

SBTRKT is a South London producer that has the blogsphere in a frenzy with his new single “Wildfire.” I had already really been feeling this song, but when Drake jumped on the remix, I thought it got even better. SBTRKT’s self-titeled album is due out June 28th in the U.S. and if this single is anything like the album is going to be then it should definitely be on your music radar.

Wildfire Remix Featuring Drake 

Source: The FADER 

Summer 2011

by Michael

It’s summer. Kreayshawn knows how to get it poppin.

Gucci Gucci

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